creative life

So what are you?

I am I am a creative person.

I write i read i create things. Basically I imagine things which are not existing. Something new, Something never exist.

Like what?

Like For example Heaven

Yes heaven, heaven.


Yes heaven with girls,  beautiful girls, cute, sensual, bold.

Then nature. Then this galaxy

Then arundhti Roy.

Her beautiful curly Hair.

You are not Nationalist?

Dont what development?

I mean I mean I mean

Suddenly Jump out of the bed.



You Are Good

At the end of the day, tell yourself gently: ‘I love you, you did the best you could today, and even if you didn’t accomplish all you had planned, I love you anyway.’


You know what space is. There is space in this room. The distance between here and your hostel, between the bridge and your home, between this bank of the river and the other; all that is space. Now, is there also space in your mind? Or is it so crowded that there is no space in it at all? If your mind has space, then in that space there is silence and from that silence everything else comes, for then you can listen, you can pay attention without resistance. That is why it is very important to have space in the mind. If the mind is not overcrowded, not ceaselessly occupied, then it can listen to that dog barking, to the sound of a train crossing the distant bridge, and also be fully aware of what is being said by a person talking here. Then the mind is a living thing, it is not dead.m


then …

Now its over

I told you na

just infatuation



its boring

i told you na

every love will be



Standing in the rain holding umbrella

eyes ahead

that must be she.




your choice

like you said

” You are no more in the picture”






The idea of Zen is to catch life as it flows. There is nothing extraordinary or mysterious about Zen. I raise my hand ; I take a book from the other side of the desk ; I hear the boys playing ball outside my window; I see the clouds blown away beyond the neighbouring wood: — in all these I am practising Zen, I am living Zen. No wordy discussions is necessary, nor any explanation. I do not know why — and there is no need of explaining, but when the sun rises the whole world dances with joy and everybody’s heart is filled with bliss. If Zen is at all conceivable, it must be taken hold of here


Be assertive…. Teach your children to be assertive.

How to be assertive….. Follow the 5 Rules


Explain the detail….. Tell the facts….

 express       your feeling

Empathize  ( Do not know how to explain)

Stand …. Tell what is your stand

Consequence   explain the consequence of your action.

 Personality flows

Non assertive……. People who do not know How to say no/ people will lost faith in you

Aggressive   hurt others with words / aggressive people will not have many friends.


if you are bored with your sacred book, follow these things. Idea expressed in a different way.


*Make the best of the busyness, craziness, chaos, frustrations and challenges of life and parenthood!
*Live on the AWESOME side!
*STOP taking life SO SERIOUSLY!
*Embrace the INSANITY!
*Focus on the POSITIVE lessons!
*Recognize the BLESSINGS!
*Find the HUMOR whenever possible, and

How to become rich/fast

There are many many links in google. You can follow this link and live like a stupid man for ever. When i am stock trading many people comes up with Tips. I politely avoid that. That is big mistake. Never go for the short cuts. Develop your own strategy/ your own game plan. This applies to every aspect of your life. You can learn from others, but you must follow your heart and dreams. Failure is the stepping stone to success.

I see opportunity everyday/ everywhere. it is a great joy to help someone to  chase their dream. Compassion is a word i like very much. I received all my life.I want to be more compassionate and helpful.

Life is a blessing. Friends/family/ everything around you create the spiral of love. Be positive and move forward.

I write blogs to affirm my thinking.