I should do this work

i should loose weight

i should read this book

i should make more money

i should improve my prayer life

i should improve my family life

Unless This ” should ”  changed to BE A MUST





I lived in this state of mind for long time. It gives you a certain kind of pleasure. sad/dark pleasure. being in your own world, saying that Yes I am failure. This is my destiny . Look around people are suffering, dying, Sickness, crying. You are closing one part of your mind. An eternal failure .

Life is not that sad. Now i see the bright side. Smiles around me. Love in different form. Nature and its beauty.

“I go to sleep alone, and wake up alone. I take walks. I work until I’m tired. I watch the wind play with the trash that’s been under the snow all winter. Everything seems simple until you think about it. Why is love intensified by abscence? ”

This is perfect expression of  Melancholic state.



This is your Goal.

want to be millionaire.

want to be physically fit

want to be amazingly good.

Your list increases always. Normally if you think about your goal you are kind of depressed/worried. But just think about your last month, last year or last 10 years. It is always in a move. You are grown up as good human being. learned, wise. Financially better ( in my case) . we all are improved in many areas. Reflect on that And congratulate yourself. Be grateful for your life, your achievements and just ignore that monkey chatting mind. It is always want more.


quick read

There are times when you want to read few pages fast and reflect. This book is always in my table. Absolute Khushwant . The low – down of life, death and most things in between.

you need models to follow in your life. He was a king and thoroughly enjoyed his self analysis pieces. If you are married this is a best book to Think about your life. Your struggle and monotonous boredom.

“I could never forget her sweet smelling perfumed hair.
Blowing in the air as if God’s winds, were trying to stare.
Her eyes which contact made you frozen,
Put you in a spell that made you swear that you were chosen. “


Solitude is beautiful precisely because it’s not always easy or pleasant.


i am alone deep inside. There is no One. I think even though it is a painful reality, that is the truth. Every now and then ….. Someone enters and swiftly moved away. I dont blame anyone for that. I like to be alone in deep sorrow. days and months and years gone. There is no end this, even your swaying move or smile break that sorrow.