She is present in my mind with her absence. Nothing can match with this feeling of love.

Even Almighty!!!!



purpose of Life

At the age of 42,Time to think about this…

I dont have much time to fulfill My purpose but let me define what is My purpose….

Like everyone i have to invent one, look others idea

1….. There is no purpose. You live your life. and study your own life. How your body, mind , brain working… Curiously consider yourself as a piece of life and study

2  ….. Common answer for many people.

Help others in whatever possible way. serve others. try to improve the life of others. Doing this you will achieve peace of mind.

So what is mine?

I do not know…. May die without knowing and finding my purpose.

do you have any better answer…. Please dont come up with that *** heaven*** thing!!!


Do not know why? She is not talking much…. May be i am feeling like that. I always expect her talks talks talks…. I love to listen, particularly her voice…love to imagine, like may be she standing and looking far and talking to me. But she is talking less…

it is pain when you are in l… o…. v….e

Or can you call it Love. A genuine friendship. It is what it is

That is between Us. Sky and Sea

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth,
Still fragrant with ruby wine,