choices-less awareness


He was teaching all his life this … Choiceless awareness. Dont ask me what is this?. I read all most all his discourses. Krishnamurti was god to me. He was preaching all over the world. now i see the Mindfullness Movement … Cooperates teaching mindfulness mediation. is it the same Choice less awareness in different form?.  But in the end Someone asked Krishnamurti, What is your Philosophy? Can you summarize it?  He said ” I dont take anything much serious” Wow thats it. Let me go for Long walk Now…



  1. Akhila · September 23, 2016

    Choiceless awareness…chidikkathirikkan vayya.. enthathu..??

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    • binucherian · September 23, 2016

      vipasanna mediation, mindfulness meditation all this aim to create an awareness. may be that is what it means. ithu padican noku. samadanam undavum. enidu enakudi padipiku.

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