Compassion tells you that finally you have to return to the world. Not only just finally, but the whole time you have to work with the world, relate with the world, because enlightened mind contains wisdom and compassion simultaneously. You have an obligation to the world you were brought up in. This is the world you belong to; you can’t give it up altogether. You can’t dissociate yourself from the past or whatever irritates you. In fact, compassion brings us back to dealing with the world as the only way. We have to work with people. We have to work with our fathers, our mothers, our sisters and brothers, our neighbors, and our friends. We have to do that because the people with whom we are associated in our lives provide the only situation that drives us to the spiritual search. Without those people, we would not be able to look into such possibilities at all. They provide irritations, negativities, and demands. They provide us with everything.

So this what we have to go through?


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