Akhila’s Post Lazy mind is the Inspiration for this post

Any one read David Foster Wallace?  If someone interested in books, read this, he/she think who is this author? I think we all are excited when we get to know something related to our passion. Otherwise we think opposite direction. This sucks. Boring is everywhere. Reading the blog is boring if you are not interested in blog/writing. But we bored due to situations. In my job i have to wait countless hours for others, in waiting room/meeting room/in reception. So i can analysis what is boring.I know this/ if you are young and you dont have a proper job, it is tough to manage without boring. see what Wallace saying about boredom. Not an easy read, but if you pay attention, you will enjoy this…

“To me, at least in retrospect, the really interesting question is why dullness proves to be such a powerful impediment to attention. Why we recoil from the dull. Maybe it’s because dullness is intrinsically painful; maybe that’s where phrases like ‘deadly dull’ or ‘excruciatingly dull’ come from. But there might be more to it. Maybe dullness is associated with psychic pain because something that’s dull or opaque fails to provide enough stimulation to distract people from some other, deeper type of pain that is always there, if only in an ambient, low-level way, and which most of us spend nearly all our time and energy trying to distract ourselves from feeling, or at least from feeling directly or with our full attention. Admittedly, the whole thing’s pretty confusing, and hard to talk about abstractly…but surely something must lie behind not just Muzak in dull or tedious places any more but now also actual TV in waiting rooms, supermarkets’ checkouts, airport gates, SUVs’ backseats. Walkman, iPods, BlackBerries, cell phones that attach to your head. This terror of silence with nothing diverting to do. I can’t think anyone really believes that today’s so-called ‘information society’ is just about information. Everyone knows it’s about something else, way down.”


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