Before my Death

What do want to do Before that ?? I ask Myself this question. The first thing, I arranged My book shelf. I know i cant read again all that Books. Almost 700. So i choose, May be around 25. some fiction, few philosophy, Then, non fiction… . i feel bad when i ignore other books. All books are very important. But i am not reading.

One Person i to follow is V S ramachandran.  I am not a scientific person. But i understand What he is explaining about Human Brain. After all my capability is directly linked to my brain. I want to know more about the subjective feeling and self awareness. It require careful study. I think science will explain what is Consciousness, and it will break our concept of god. I need to read more about Plasticity of brain and how it can be used to improve our awareness.  And the last…. How Romance happens and  any method ……..

I think i have to find some new blogs. where people write without any inhibition. That will be better way knowing the interior of others.

Then What else you want ……. last few months May be live in solitary moments….. Facing unknown…..

one last blink from my eyesight
to see my life before me
one last word to say goodbye
and to fulfill my destiny