M for common Guys

so you want to access peace and tranquility in this life. Follow me. Yes seriously. Probably i am researching this topic around 20 years. Be present always. At least try your best. Fully involve in whatever you are doing. I think reading is best. You dont need any special effort. When i am reading i am completely in it. I love reading . That is kind meditation for me.

“The writer’s only responsibility is to his art. He will be completely ruthless if he is a good one. He has a dream. It anguishes him so much he must get rid of it. He has no peace until then. Everything goes by the board: honor, pride, decency, security, happiness, all, to get the book written. If a writer has to rob his mother, he will not hesitate; the “Ode on a Grecian Urn” is worth any number of old ladies.”

This is Faulkner theory. If you want to be writer you follow this. At least you can try and see what happens. But the point is you should give your best in whatever you are doing. For me i do a small prayer when i am getting irritated and try to be present in whatever i do. That is good option, esp when you are driving. Dont ask me what is that prayer.

What is the essence. You need to follow the rule. like dont kill, dont do adultery, say follow the 10 commandments. Then work like a mad man. be with work. and fall asleep when u are in bed. you dont have time to think. you must be damn tired. That is enlightenment.


spiritual muscles

When we reach a stretch in which everything is going very nicely—we’re born in fine circumstances, things go very well for us, most of our friends are really good, we don’t have too many horrible sicknesses, our families are well—that’s wonderful, and very nice. But if we just stay at that level of complacency, what have we learned? How will we cope if someone close and whom we love suddenly dies, or if we contract some terrible disease? It’s not that we have to go out looking for pain and problems—we’re not masochists. But when problems and difficulties arise, when adverse circumstances arise, we do not try to avoid them. We take them as the path. We use them, and we realize that this is how we learn. These are the weights with which we develop our spiritual muscles.

Booker Prize 2016

any one read this book? Is not this very special. Life Slowly getting into meaningless . The essence lost and end without making any trace….. the vegetarian, this years Booker prize won.


She was a woman of few words. It was rare for her to demand anything of me, and however late I was in getting home she never took it upon herself to kick up a fuss.  Even when our days off happened to coincide, it wouldn’t occur to her to suggest we go out somewhere together. While I idled the afternoon away, TV remote in hand, she would shut herself up in her room. . . . Only at mealtimes would she open the door and silently emerge to prepare the food. To be sure, that kind of wife, and that kind of lifestyle, did mean that I was unlikely to find my days particularly stimulating.

Read more: http://www.wordswithoutborders.org/book-review/han-kangs-the-vegetarian#ixzz48uJhAlUV


Everything is connected to everything else. Are you searching for a meaning in this life. I can advice. Believe that every thing in this world has life. Plant knows pain. All are connected in someway. But dont try to find mechanism of that connection. I know i have been arrogant. I slip many times. I should not be like that. That was nonsense from my side. Think about your choice. how it effect others. Freedom with responsibility. Without philosophy what is remain in life. A river, A flower, Then a Stone. She told me our mind is So complex. you are not even know how it function and affect others. Are you mad?

Girl Child

I need a BITING dog

Devilish Dog who can bite and kill

I need a gigantic eagle

Few poisons snake

I need a Knife

I need a Revolver and Bomb

I need few Gangsters around me

I need deadly weapons with me

You know the reason

Because i am The father of a Girl child

(Shame on Kerala, Shame On all male Chauvinist assholes , Shame on India)


That will Work

Any mental disorder, is writing a therapy. I read about Bipolar disorder.Then Schizophrenia. I do not specifically know what it is until now. So religious thinking is connected mental disorder. I met a man today.

Life has it is own simple way of teaching you that nothing matters in the end

There will be long silence in the universe.

If you writing some thing not coherent , is that means?

I know i am down sometimes , but i care about my mindfulness activity



Then you know anything about Sufism. Songs…. love songs…. love….

well love is not phisical,  eternal love….. it is in the wind

Then being lonely

i love myself more.

Read about a man who come out of solitary confinement for 42 years.

How can we as a human to be so cruel. And he saw sky after 42 years.

Did he lost anything?