Friday Morning

This Friday, an off day. Morning started with a wild feeling… Thinking about someone special and it ended up…….. But books over take emotions. Three books opened in front of me. Confession of an economic hit man by john perkins, winter journal by paul auster and super genes by deepak chopra. i read little. i have to do some other works, and throw my mobile away. mobile is poison. it suck my time and make me Donald Trump. Let me tell you i am against Fascist regimes, imperialist powers and Big MNCS who controlled our economy. Dreaming a Utopian Socialist world.

you need choose what you want in your life. But mostly we will move according to our emotional outburst. How can i have a firm control over my life?

I think i am still favor an Unrealistic Romance. Is that  you all want. Life sucks everywhere with its Routine and Boredom.

Walked 5 km yesterday with a friend. First exercise success after a long gap


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