My love

So I got this lovely feeling….. i go back to this book, many people do not know about this book. Let me tell you. The book is Paul Theoroux’s Sir Vidia’shadow. I like it. every time i feel down i read few pages and it change me as a different state of mind.  There is Nothing special about this book. it is the story of  naipul and paul. There friendship.  I  think i have to choose what i want this age. I could not read all the book in my shelf. I do not have time. Do i contemplate more on death? Yes.. But I want to re-read the books i love.

When i am walking alone, i laugh, thinking about the story i write here. But when i am sitting infront of computer i am blank. Do you face this?

Life is short

so make full of it. I miss…..


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