Two language

I know Two Language.English and Malayalam. Malayalam I am not writing any more. I think it is not necessary and i lost the confidence. English i can experiment with reading and writing. Hindi and Tamil I understand, i can easily watch a movie with interest in that language.

So what is the purpose of Human life. Spread Happiness/  Peace all over the world. There is enough trouble all around us. So you dont need any premise to work. Work hard to be peace with yourself and spread it around you. Am i kind of Preacher? …

So poem for me to enjoy.

But let my love no longer trouble you,
I do not wish to cause you any pain.


End of that

No problem, you dont talk to me again. May be that is good for both of us. You know that nice statement? You have to move On….

But the time you spend with me was special. There are lots of good memories. But i know there is always this sword hanging in front of us. immoral. Yes it is true in absolute sense. But I support your decision. You know that i have no option. To be with myself. Everything in life has a certain color and it fades…..

Morning i am wondering what you are doing? you ever thought of me. Or easily you can ignore your passions. But how do i see your mind. I am helpless

But i wish you sing and move and see the sky outside. So i can be a flash and meet you. i am alive and kicking.



Yes i am

Why, everyone asking

Without any reason

Crying, Looking far





Rain Hit again

May be that is the reason

I am sad

My son not talking much

He is adult

He is living His own life

May be there is a time for everything

Looking ahead

Time pass fast

as everything end

Like a Bursting soap Bubble.





My Friends

All writers are my friends. Today i read Anita Brookner Passed away. I read very little. I think i read a writer after he/she passed away.

I am happy that… I have been reading   Books. I think i can spend all day reading Magazine. I am addicted to Magazine. I do not have many friends who read fiction or literary stuff.

I started my walking. last day walked around 8 kilometer. its good distance. talking talking we walk… dont know time passes. I love walking…….. But… it hurts sometime. part of my body, esp legs.


seven spiritual laws

That is the secret of my happiness. i think at some point of life we think about the purpose of life. yes we are human. we can perceive only this life. But that will not stop us from exploring the unlimited. This seven laws are already written as a famous book. I read it today. As a person i do not have nothing much to write. my stories dry fast. so let me explain this laws and initiate spirituality in that possible? I think i am part of this whole universe and death will not touch my soul and i am unlimited. So please follow me with attention. i will show you the way to heaven.



Friday Morning

This Friday, an off day. Morning started with a wild feeling… Thinking about someone special and it ended up…….. But books over take emotions. Three books opened in front of me. Confession of an economic hit man by john perkins, winter journal by paul auster and super genes by deepak chopra. i read little. i have to do some other works, and throw my mobile away. mobile is poison. it suck my time and make me Donald Trump. Let me tell you i am against Fascist regimes, imperialist powers and Big MNCS who controlled our economy. Dreaming a Utopian Socialist world.

you need choose what you want in your life. But mostly we will move according to our emotional outburst. How can i have a firm control over my life?

I think i am still favor an Unrealistic Romance. Is that  you all want. Life sucks everywhere with its Routine and Boredom.

Walked 5 km yesterday with a friend. First exercise success after a long gap

My love

So I got this lovely feeling….. i go back to this book, many people do not know about this book. Let me tell you. The book is Paul Theoroux’s Sir Vidia’shadow. I like it. every time i feel down i read few pages and it change me as a different state of mind.  There is Nothing special about this book. it is the story of  naipul and paul. There friendship.  I  think i have to choose what i want this age. I could not read all the book in my shelf. I do not have time. Do i contemplate more on death? Yes.. But I want to re-read the books i love.

When i am walking alone, i laugh, thinking about the story i write here. But when i am sitting infront of computer i am blank. Do you face this?

Life is short

so make full of it. I miss…..