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There is this common fear in the western world, that India is going to collapse. it is a falls fear. it will never going to collapse. i think it will reemerge. In a philosophical sense nothing is going to happen to anyone. There is no salvation. We are eternal. I sometimes think what is this comedy of plant saving? Who can save this world? if in your deeper mind you feel that you are greedy, then correct yourself. Life is so complex. you cannot have a particular path for this big universe. If tomorrow due to some climate calamity….. Then who is responsible? I think we can change this world.  But first we need to change….. there is no common solution.


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  1. xaranahara · January 7, 2016

    Oh…. You’re Indian. I did not know. In that case, I have been hard on you. You do make great points. Humanity needs to change before the world can change.

    (I am a good beta if you have questions about the use of the English language)


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