Slim Life

I have been putting weight and i feel it is normal. I was eating what ever come in my way, and whenever i feel. Suddenly I found myself with a huge belly and trouble in walking and breathing. I reached a different stage in my life. But one sudden inspiration i changed my habit of eating. i read somewhere “If you are eating one time properly you are yogi”

That struck me. I started eating early morning what i want, the rest of two times i settled with fruits and vegetables. Body changed suddenly. In a week i lost almost 5 kg. I continue with the same diet. I think we can mold our life as we wish. It is not a big thing as such. But I hate when i  hear people saying they are running 1 hour, do this and that for cutting loose. It is simple, You have to eat less and think about starving kid in the streets of Africa. life is much simple now.


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