who knows what i am dreaming

dreams are unlimited

I am a writer in my dream

writing wonderful lines

i admire myself

what a writer

it’s just come out of my pen

i am a free bird when i am writing

so that is my dream setup

But what is reality

i am lazy

my enthusiasm is momentary

i am living in foolish world

where i want success without pain

But that is life

everyone living there own life

there is kind of foolishness everywhere

its silly

philosophically what is the point.

Brother where are we

The Great question asked by all








Not like everyone

I think i am different

No one is like me

Most of the time i dream

i cant come our of my thoughts

I look stupid

But i am a hero in my mind

I know simple things

i walk

i dance

i sing

i write

i cook

i do what i want

i want to live for ever

love you all

But ….

Are you afraid of me

I am always alone

My plan to travel far away land

Alone with myself

In the end

Want to write

Write my dairy




2016  i planned to fulfill this longstanding desire.  There is no point in aiming lesser achievements. Material things never make me happy. Love is always move away from me. What is enlightenment? is that better than romantic love?


before that

chopping wood and drinking tea

after enlightenment

I do the same

The question is

How can i get completely immersed in what i Do

That i have to learn myself








My dairy 1

There is this common fear in the western world, that India is going to collapse. it is a falls fear. it will never going to collapse. i think it will reemerge. In a philosophical sense nothing is going to happen to anyone. There is no salvation. We are eternal. I sometimes think what is this comedy of plant saving? Who can save this world? if in your deeper mind you feel that you are greedy, then correct yourself. Life is so complex. you cannot have a particular path for this big universe. If tomorrow due to some climate calamity….. Then who is responsible? I think we can change this world.  But first we need to change….. there is no common solution.

My dairy

Probably i am a better man Now. After years of thinking that I am sinner, Now i feel i am like everyone. There is no perfect life. Can you live a life of purity?

This is her, I am sure. But every time it turned out be a foul play. Life is Beautiful when you are romantically involved with someone.





it happens, without any knowledge of you. You cannot prepare for that. You learn this by knowing that your close friends passed away. Every day  you are close to this. Do i have time to reflect on this? What i can learn from this thought? I can be better person, less greedy.

We thought of you with love today,
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we’ll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/in-our-hearts–loosing-a-father#ixzz3u8XTP4DB

The elephant Vanishes

Month December. Morning sun. lovely sound of Birds chirping outside the window. cool weather. Chrystal clear prose of Murakami.  I am a big fan of Murakami. I read all most all books. Magic is part of our life. life is ordinary. I believe in magic. I think the test is this. Do You want your beloved to read your writings. I read partially. I always check my cellphone, that is distracting to the flow of my reading. Do i have the willingness to sit and read a couple of ours.  I think i love this month. Now Celebration time everywhere. I will be my books. Deeply into my habit.

few days to remain…

I was waiting to see your smile

your presence

Like a blooming flower

Slim Life

I have been putting weight and i feel it is normal. I was eating what ever come in my way, and whenever i feel. Suddenly I found myself with a huge belly and trouble in walking and breathing. I reached a different stage in my life. But one sudden inspiration i changed my habit of eating. i read somewhere “If you are eating one time properly you are yogi”

That struck me. I started eating early morning what i want, the rest of two times i settled with fruits and vegetables. Body changed suddenly. In a week i lost almost 5 kg. I continue with the same diet. I think we can mold our life as we wish. It is not a big thing as such. But I hate when i  hear people saying they are running 1 hour, do this and that for cutting loose. It is simple, You have to eat less and think about starving kid in the streets of Africa. life is much simple now.

Mindful way

The key is awareness. Awareness of what? Aware that you are alive, breathing, eating, drinking, walking, sleeping. But we are constantly have something in our mind. We need an object to concentrate. Most of the time we lost in our thoughts. Thoughts comes randomly to our mind. Otherwise you need something nagging in your mind to hold on. Then our thought move around it. Why this happen to me? Constantly we ask this question. So what is being aware. It is simply observe what is around you and in you. Many believe that this is the key to spirituality. Prayer is basically an attempt to aware about a deity or god.

Aware that you are breathing, Alive.



I am going to do this

complete this in a day

Then the day passed

Next day same oath

life moves

Blue sky

I watch through my window

it is nothing new

white cloud

What is that cloud

My wrong doings

My disappointments

My nasty habits

My failed life

It is water formed in air

That will be wiped in bright sun

That is my prayer


without the stain of sin