My day job

Job and creativity will not go hand in hand. My priority is to find my bread and butter. it is good if you can link up your creativity with your day job. But it is not always possible. I think most of the time we are destined to do our mundane job. That is life. i consider myself lucky to have a day job. Millions are living without a proper job. Every day unemployment rate is increasing. you can keep your burning desire deep inside your heart while we are doing our day job. I like reading and writing. it is simple pleasure, not much expensive. My job is not innovative or inspiring. But it provides me what i need, mostly money to buy books. I don’t worry much about my future. It is concern for many, but i try to live in the present. it is tough. but not impossible.



  1. xaranahara · January 7, 2016

    What is your day job?


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